Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009-2010: Reflection and Excitement

Well, yet another year is coming to a close. We just returned from Seattle after spending time visiting our families over the holidays. Winter has begun and I find myself sitting here wondering what I should write about. I received a few emails requesting a blog post so I feel like I should deliver. Being that we're just a day away from New Year's Eve, I guess that's an appropriate topic.

I quit my job just a little over a year ago and to be honest, aside from the income, haven't missed it much. It took me about two years to admit it, but I decided that I just want to be at home with my kids for a while. Some women come to this decision much more easily than I did. I just struggled with the idea of losing my personal identity. It took me the better part of 2009 to realize that I was just beginning to define myself on my own terms. I have discovered many creative outlets that I hope will lead to my next career endeavor. Until then, I have so many things to keep me satisfied.

So, of course, there is the matter of New Year's Resolutions. I went back and found mine from last year. I think it only makes sense to address those first.

1) Start a vegetable garden
2) Find work that fulfills me
Addressed in previous paragraph- check!
3) Exercise- I'm not aiming for a specific weight goal- I aim only to treat my body with the respect it deserves.
For the record- I had a flat stomach for about 3 months and then got pregnant again- check!
4) Utilize our Netflix account- 3:10 to Yuma, while good, was not worth $60 - nice that they let us keep it for six months though
Check! we have been much better this year!
5) Enjoy time with friends and family- traveling, cooking, eating, and playing
Absolutely 100% check!

If I do say so myself, those were great resolutions! I think I could be happy tackling the same ones in 2010. I will add a few more for fun- things that I want to achieve for personal growth.

1) Learn to cross country ski
2) Learn to knit cables
3) Join a book club
4) Write more
5) Less fun but more important: learn to budget on a single income

We have so much to look forward to next year. We can't wait to meet our second baby. We heard its heart beat for the first time yesterday. Life is really good. Happy New Year!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Message from Gavin

We couldn't keep the secret any longer- we're expecting another deMars kiddo- July 3, 2010. I'm 11 weeks along and feeling pretty good! Life is only going to get more interesting...

Snow Falling in New York

It's early Wednesday morning and Gavin is not awake yet. I woke up to a thick blanket of snow. It's still coming down hard and is supposed to change over to freezing rain later. Freezing rain is the worst- I'd prefer it to just snow. Our roadways are very well maintained so it's not as stressful when we get snow. I must be acclimating a little bit. I have an appointment later today and am not even going to cancel it due to snow- well, unless it really does turn to freezing rain and scares me off my game!

The beagles hate this winter weather- they're so funny. I let them out this morning and Starsky sort of walked the perimeter of the yard- sticking to the fence sides to try to find the most shallow snow. Max takes an actual kick in the butt to get him outside! Even then, he's outside for all of 10 seconds and then seeks refuge inside. Inside, they like their blanket or bed right next to the radiator so they get the nice warm air. It's really quite pathetic. What's next - a snuggie?

I know that it's also very cold on the west coast- we'll be heading that direction on Saturday morning. I really hope the weather takes a pause to allow our travels to go uninterrupted. We're anxious to get back home and reconnect with all of our friends and family. In the meantime, here are a few photos of our first  real snowstorm of the season. I'll likely post a few of the Gav man when he wakes up and we go play.

Starsky, making his way to find the perfect place to relieve himself.

Still looking...

My garden and patio are somewhere under there!

The porch, while dusted with snow, still looks inviting to have a cup of coffee out there!