Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jenny, Jenny, How Does Your Garden Grow?

I'm sure you've all just been dying with anticipation wondering how my little vegetable plot is doing!?!? It's been so much fun to play around with different ways to trellis and I've switched a few things up since I last posted pics. I decided to have the sugar snap peas grow on a trellis instead of the teepees. It's working out beautifully- they are about 12 inches tall now. The butterhead lettuce is growing in between and I'm becoming more convinced that I just might be making a salad before long.
Here are all kinds of different sprouts! Carrots, iceberg lettuce, spinach, onions, leeks and peppers. Honestly, it is kind of a cluster - I think the wind blew some of my seeds around and the birds haven't been helping my cause either. My neighbor brought me a Flying Saucer Squash- it looks pretty cool so I added it to the collection.
Below is my trellis for the cucumbers, which I finally planted out today. I had started quite a few plants inside so I gave some away to my neighbors. It's easy to get carried away with this hobby. Behind the cucumbers are my tomatoes- I have three different varieties. I cannot wait for a fresh tomato, mozzarella salad.
I also changed up how I am doing my pole beans. I had two teepees constructed but after further reading, I realized that I needed it to be 6 feet tall and extremely sturdy. It's going to look really cool when it's covered with vines. I just planted the bean seeds today- should start sprouting in about a week. You plant the pole beans on little mounds around each pole. 
Below is a shot of the whole garden- I've got a lot growing. I am hoping that by growing some of the stuff upward, it'll control some of the chaos. Adam put up a fence around the space to keep the beagles (and Gavin) out of there. This is turning out to be a really fun hobby!


laura said...

NICE!!! next up for you, my culinary sister, is pickling your cucumbers! That would be rad! recently, i have had pickled carrots with jalapenos, also rad!

Emily said...

You guys are going to be eating well this summer!

Lisa said...

Wow! Your garden such looks good, little miss! See, if you still lived in Seattle you would be looking at hills of dirt still because the sun is so elusive! I planted beets this year because a friend offered her seedlings and how can you say no? So, I will probably be hitting you up for some yummy beet recipes. Hope you have some!

Jenny said...

Oh Lisa, I am so sorry- I absolutely HATE beets! It is one of the few vegetables that I have such strong feelings about. So, I will not have any yummy beet recipes to share- however, my beet-loving friends, all love a beet salad with micro-greens and a little goat cheese. If that helps!