Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Day 5 of the Sourdough Project

Day 5- life is confirmed- foamy sponge under an air-dried crust. Peel off and discard crust. Whisk 1 cup warm water into the starter, then strain through sieve into a bowl
Happy to be discarding the grapes at this point. They were beginning to gross me out.
Add 1 cup flour to form a thick paste.

Divide the starter between two canning jars, cover the jars with cheesecloth, and secure with the metal-ring bands. Put them back in a warm spot. If the starter triples in size within 4-6 hours, it is strong enough to make your bread rise.

If it doesn't, feed it each day with 1/4 cup each warm water and flour. If the jars get too full from feeding, discard some of the starter.

When the starter is strong enough, remove 1 cup to make bread.

So, now we wait...

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