Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Life with Olivia at 3 months

Olivia will be 3 months old tomorrow. We will be celebrating in Philadelphia! Olivia has sure had an exciting life so far- several day trips throughout New York, a trip to Connecticut, and now Philly! I'm sure that when she is older, and has absolutely no recollection of any of these journeys, she'll enjoy reading about them and seeing pictures of herself posed in front of historical landmarks. I shake my own head in disbelief, that I have seen so much in the past couple of years. As much as I didn't want to leave Seattle, this has been an extremely cool experience. Life is really quite exciting- if you allow it to be.

Now, back to the star of my post, Olivia. Miss Liv has a cute personality. Her smile is adorable. Her pout is equally cute. She sticks her whole bottom lip out when she is upset. Gavin used to do the same thing. We laugh because she really demands attention. Some babies will just sit on your lap, content just to be held. Olivia wants to talk. She wants you to sing and play pat-a-cake. I had her sitting in her car seat yesterday, just hanging out on a blanket. Wouldn't you know, she kicked herself right out of it! Thankfully, I had her on the floor. My baby girl has one big attitude! And, I think it's gaining the respect of her big brother. Gavin thought it was so funny that she kicked herself out of her chair. He also likes to play pat-a-cake with her. The verse goes, "and throw it in the oven for baby and me! And Gavin!"

Little girl is still not even close to sleeping through the night. She is up at 10pm, 2am, 4am, then 6am... I call her my little bat. It's ok. I figured that we'd pay the price for how easy we had it with Gavin. We were too cocky. Anyhow, hopefully the sleeping situation will improve by next month...

Here are a few photos of Miss Olivia. Next post will be all about Philly!
Game day! Straight from the hawk nest!
Hanging with big bro in their footie jammies
Can you tell that this is our second baby?!?


Emily said...

Darling - I love the updates! That last picture of Adam holding her up is awesome!

laura said...

That last pic is scary!!!! Adam, Be Careful!!!!

Eileen said...

dad's and juggling babies!! it's something i never get used to, but that is a cute picture of adam and olivia

Missy said...

Awesome photos! The kids in their jammies is too cute. I think Liv and Jameson are two of a kind. Does that mean my next one will be easy (please, please!)?

anna woerman said...

i love the one of them in their footie pajamas! killin me!
and I love your quote "Life is really quite exciting- if you allow it to be." love it.