Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cooperstown: A Visit to the Baseball Hall of Fame

Last weekend we headed over to the town of Cooperstown to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame. Adam had it on his list of things to do and we live relatively nearby, so we decided to check it out. Cooperstown is about 90 minutes west of Albany, located at the foothills of the northern Catskill Mountains. It's a small town, population just over 2000. Its slogan is "big city excitement, with small town charm." I don't know about the big city excitement, but it definitely delivers small town charm. The buildings and houses are all beautiful colonials. There is one traffic light through Main Street and all of the shops and cafes are baseball themed. We had lunch at Double Day Cafe, which was actually a pretty good place for a burger and a beer (or a coke, or a glass of milk). After lunch, we walked over to the Hall of Fame. It is a really cool museum, and I'm not even a fan of baseball. After visiting and seeing all the memorabilia, I definitely have a greater appreciation for the tradition of the game. I especially enjoyed seeing the collection of uniforms- I just can't believe they wore knit sweaters originally. I know- leave it to me to pay attention to the clothing instead of the baseball statistics! Hey, just pointing out that there is something for everybody!

After visiting the museum, we made our way through a mini-blizzard to check out Glimmerglass State Park for some snowshoeing. It was a further drive than we anticipated, and by the time we arrived, both kids were asleep. Everybody knows- you never wake a sleeping baby and you definitely don't wake a little boy who tends to get carsick. So, we snapped a few pictures and drove home. It was another fun outing through Upstate NY. Cooperstown has their own baseball team that plays at the original Double Day Field- might be a fun thing to check out in the future. Here are some photos, enjoy!
Main Street, Cooperstown, NY
Outside the Hall of Fame
Covered Bridge at Glimmerglass State Park


jenny goodman said...

Fun! Adams picture in the bball uniform is hilarious!

Emily said...

Gav's head shot takes the cake! Love the small town charm and I know Curtis would love all the baseball stuff! Once again, I admire you guys for making the most of your time in NY!

Missy said...

I obviously need to get out east again, you visit the most charming places. Love that there is home of baseball town!

Michele said...

Your kids are funny!! Love their baseball photos. Like they were sort of not sure of what was really going on?? What?? You want me to look through this hole... why??? So glad you do fun family stuff!! We did the Pacific Science Ctr. today. We need to check that out in about 2 1/2 years when you are maybe here??

Eileen said...

darling pictures!! love the baseball glove chair one the best, but the baseball cards are priceless.