Monday, April 25, 2011

A Garden for Gavin

This year we decided that Gavin should have a garden of his very own. It's a 2ft square garden and he is extremely excited about it. We thought we'd share the highlights with you.
Gavin helped Adam drill the holes and put the frame together. He also chose the paint color and did much of the painting himself. "I want to do it by myself!"
This is a gnome that I received for my birthday one year. I decided he'd be the perfect watchman for Gavin's garden. His name is G-Gnome, courtesy of Adam. Sometimes, I look out the kitchen window and see Gavin talking to him. 
Adding the dirt and compost
Raking the dirt and prepping it for planting
Gavin helped me start some seeds inside- he really enjoyed watching the pellets puff up when he added the water.  
"Grow little plants, grow!"
Gavin, sitting and chatting with G-Gnome. He planted carrots and lettuce by seed. And, by planting, I mean he threw handfuls of each randomly in the dirt. He also decided he wanted sunflowers, so he planted two of those seeds near the back. Then, when we were out at the garden store, he picked out a strawberry plant. Yes, all of this is in that tiny space, but whatever! I'm trying not to be a control freak. It's his garden and should be a space for him to enjoy how we wants. After all, that's the whole point! Happy gardening season to you all! 


Hillary said...

So fun! Can't wait to see what comes out of his garden. And I love that he chats with G-Gnome!

Michele F. said...

This is so awesome!! Just love it!! The sun flowers should be fun. G-Gnome should take care of things wonderfully for Mr. Gavin.

Eileen said...

great post--nice to see gavin having fun making the garden from start to finish. anxious to see what happens and glad g-gnome is watching over it all.

Missy said...

Your son's garden looks better than mine, I am impressed. Such a sweet post!

Emily said...

You guys are the coolest parents ever! I love that he has his own space to garden and experiment in and wonderful that he helped build it from scratch. I'm going to share this with all my friends and family that have young kids. And of course G-Gnome rocks!

Anonymous said...

What a cool story. I have shared it with our master gardeners here at the extension office.