Thursday, May 19, 2011

Life with Olivia at 10 months

Olivia is now a 10 month old, full of personality! I know that I say it again and again, but she is really such a joy to be around. She is just a complete sweetheart! Even when she is crying or being fussy, I melt when I hold her.

Livie still maintains her "evil genius" status, as she is a big troublemaker! We have to watch her closely because she is a speed crawler and seems to be drawn to whatever she shouldn't be into. That's most kids, though! Liv really gets a kick out of us catching her climbing stairs or getting into Max's water bowl. Her little grin is contagious.

Olivia is getting close to walking. She walks along the furniture but doesn't stand by herself yet. I am not sure if she is in much of a hurry, considering she gets around so easily with her mad crawling skills. She is now saying "Mama" and "Dada" pretty regularly, which is very sweet. She also waves "Hi" and I swear, she actually said "Hi" while waving once. The thing that cracks us up most is that Olivia nods her head in agreement. We are having a great time having conversations with her and getting her to nod. For example, "Livie, do you think the NBA playoffs are dragging on?" She will most definitely nod in agreement.

I have been making nearly all of her baby food, which I did not anticipate doing. It turns out that it is super easy and makes me feel great that I know what she is consuming. With the help of my Cuisenart food processor, I am whipping up all kinds of purees. My plan is to just ease out the pureeing, give her the same fruits and vegetables in a chunkier texture, and try to maintain a healthy palate into toddlerhood. I didn't do this with Gavin and am really struggling getting these foods into his diet. I'll keep you updated on this experiment.

Anyhow, things are good with Livie Lou. Obviously, we all adore her! Here are a few pictures from the past month. Enjoy!
A day at the park, Buckingham Lake
Trying to master the sippy cup- she much prefers you to just feed her a bottle... little diva!
At the tulip festival at Washington Park, Mother's Day 2011
This little face has cheered me up many times over the last week, and it will probably get her just about anything she wants out of life... at least from me!


Michele F. said...

Awww.. Jen. I seriously can't believe how fast time is moving. She is such a cutie pie. Can't believe you are almost dealing with a 2nd walking child! Holy cow!! She has a melting smile indeed. Makes me want about 10 more kids... so they can all stay under the age of 5. We are hitting the sassiness with Brianna.. .and it's hard. She doesn't like to disappoint us, but has no trouble speaking her mind when it's just Brian and I. Ohhh... parenting. They will grow up in a blink!! I now know what everyone means. Hug and kiss Gav and Live always!!

Michele F. said...

oops.. meant to type "Liv".. not live.

Eileen said...

precious little livie lou!! that tongue sticking out just amuses always asked me if i "had" to stick my tongue out when working on something--and i always do. noticed little adam doing the same it genetic? who know. what i do know is it's wonderful you're letting us share in your adorable childrens milestones. thanks

Emily said...

Such a love, your pictures are great! I'm glad you have your awesome kids to keep things cheery and I'm so impressed you're making her food and I will count on an update on how her palate is as she gets older.