Thursday, June 23, 2011

Girl Has Thyme

I am so excited to tell you about my latest project. I have launched a gardening website, blog- whatever you'd like to call it. I have been thinking about pursuing writing for quite some time. It's one of those things that just sounds sort of silly, "I want to be a writer." I don't know why I think it's silly; obviously, many people are successful writers. I guess I felt that if I put myself out there, people would think I was taking myself too seriously, or something along those lines. Anyhow, I have been dabbling with this idea for a few years now. I just had no idea what I wanted to write about. I like writing about our day-trips and travels, but the problem with pursuing travel writing is- well, you have to actually travel! I have two small kids, which makes it hard to leave the house, let alone travel enough to keep the content fresh! It wasn't until a few weeks ago, when I was out watering my garden, that I thought, "I should write about this!" From that exact minute, I have had garden writing on the brain. With the help of an old friend, whom I reconnected with on facebook, I bought a domain name, web-hosting, and immediately dived in. Stacey Lawlis, if you are reading this- you are a complete wizard at all things technology.

My new website is: Girl Has Thyme. I'm still tweaking it, but it's nearly where I want it to be. I was going to wait to launch it until it was formatted perfectly, but given that we are nearing peak gardening season, I thought I'd just get it out there. Anyhow, I'm so excited about it! It's categorized in a manner that will make it easy for me to write often (hopefully daily during the busy garden months). From all that I have read, to become a writer- all you have to do is write. So that is what I'm going to do. I have no idea where it will take me, but I feel like I'm committing to a project that is truly representative of me. I hope you enjoy it- and then share it with everyone and anyone!

Oh, and don't worry- this blog isn't going anywhere. This will be where I share the personal stuff- how the kids are doing, day-trips, etc. But, if you want to know anything about my garden life and ramblings, you will need to check out my new website. I know, I know... that's a whole lot of Jenny. Hope you can handle it!


Emily said...

Jen, you’re such a talented writer and after years of knowing you I love seeing this creative side come out. I’m thrilled for you, that you now have the “thyme” do embark on such an awesome project and to become a writer. Will look forward to having two blogs authored by you to follow! Congratulations on Girl Has Thyme – it’s going to rock!

Missy said...

Great idea! And I already have a couple requests for the domestically challenged: ideas for container gardening and herbs that are hard to kill. Lol! Eventually you'll need your own FB page for this, so we can follow you there too. Keep up the good work!