Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dear Starsky and Max, Please stop shedding and while you're at it, please quit CRAPPING on my floor!

There is this rumor going around that when couples get married, they should start with a dog to get them ready for having children. I think this is completely backwards- have the kid first, then get the dog! Because let me tell ya, I spend more time online researching about my dog's mental issues than I do looking up the development of my child! We have been in our house now for nearly 2 months. Gavin has been around for nearly 1 year- it is time to let it go dogs!! Seriously, can we not find some common ground??? For all of my friends considering a dog- please think long and hard because it is no easier than a child. They even talk back and sulk around the house when they are unhappy with you. Don't get me wrong, I love my dogs dearly but today is one of the days when the dog poop has hit the fan! Sit down, chew your bone and pour mama a glass of wine!


Emily said...

LOL!!!! Poor poochies, they'll appreciate Gav more when he can throw the ball, bring them on walks and sneak them extra treats. Now I'll be happy if I end up with a child who is half as well behaved as Murray... but I'm sure I won't get that lucky! ;o)

e. said...

Sounds like you need to call the dog whisperer!!!

Hillary said...

I bet Gavin would be willing to share his diapers with the dogs! :-)