Sunday, August 24, 2008

A trip to NYC!

We made our first trip to NYC on Saturday! Something about New York just fills me with excitement! I definitely got my metropolitan fix! There is so much to do that you really need to plan out your day so you aren't overwhelmed. We decided that we would spend the day in Central Park while the weather is still warm. It all started with a train ride which Gavin pretty much hated. There were many, many tears! Makes you think "Oh sure, it'd be great fun to take a one year old to the city for the day! How stupid am I?!?" But we survived, arriving at Grand Central Terminal. We then walked down to Gramercy Park to have brunch at Mesa Grill- Bobby Flay's restaurant. The Scrambled Eggs Chilaquiles was fabulous and the margarita was a winner! After brunch, we walked through the farmers market which made me envy those living in the city.
Next, the subway adventures began- fun times with a stroller! It wasn't too bad actually! We strolled the park and watched the remote controlled sail boats on the lake. We then hit the playground but unfortunately didn't see any of the celebrity kiddos- such a misfortune as I was sure I'd meet my new BFF Katie Holmes- haha!

I'm not sure who had more fun at the zoo- Adam or Gav! They both had a great time looking at the animals. Gavin loved the polar bears and listened as daddy told him about the animals. The zoo at Central Park is a perfect size for little ones. There is also a childrens zoo where you can feed goats, sheep, etc. Gavin wasn't too excited about the sheep licking his hands!

We finished our day by having dinner at Cinema: The Brasserie in midtown. It was a great find- they play old cinema on the walls with a projector and the menu is awesome. I had Pan Seared Sea Scallops with Spinach Fettucine in a Lobster Saffron Broth while Adam had the Trio of Sliders with Pomme Frites! Gavin helped the ambiance by napping during dinner!

It was a fun day! Although- did you notice what was missing? SHOPPING!! I didn't go into any shops- which is really appalling! I definitely will be heading back to city in the fall- maybe without the boys!!


Hillary said...

Sounds like an awesome day trip! I didn't think it was possible, but I'm pretty sure Gavin is getting cuter.

laura said...

oh my gosh, gavers is just so freak'n cute!

Dielle said...

I agree, Gavin's cuter than ever! Sounds like you had a great day trip!