Friday, September 5, 2008

Oh yes, it's ladies night!!

So I realize that I risk sounding completely pathetic, i.e. desperate with this post but I am just so excited that I have finally made a friend here in Albany.  Adam and I met a really nice gal while we were walking the dogs and we exchanged phone numbers.  We had dinner with her and her husband and really hit it off.  So tomorrow night we are leaving our fellas home and having dinner and drinks at a really cute bistro/wine bar!  Probably the single hardest part of living here is missing my girlfriends.  They just get you through life!  I love my guys dearly but they simply can't replace my need to go dish about the latest accessory (i.e. us weekly... shh).  I am so excited to get dressed up and get out on the town sans child and sans husband to reclaim my sense of self!!  You can take the girl out of the cosmopolitan but you can't take the cosmopolitan out of the girl!!  


Hillary said...

Oh, Jenny! This post made me sad. I miss you!! I'm glad you made a new friend, though. :-)

laura said...

I totally agree! Having girlfriends is one of the most important aspects of a good life in my opinion! It is also very hard to recreate, however, it seems like it eventually happens...I hope you had a great time on your day out!

MickSev said...

That was me :) Our first date was so fun! hahaha Don't feel were my first friend in Albany too and I had lived here a year already!