Monday, February 16, 2009

Recent New York Observations

Driving in NY:
Adam and I often have the same conversation about driving in this town: Albany drivers are insane! Not only are the drivers insane but the overall set up for moving traffic is unbelievably frustrating. We live on a main street which is Western Avenue. The street has more traffic lights than any other street I have traveled. The lights are not timed so driving 2 miles could seriously take 20 minutes. Because of this, most drivers run red lights. I have to admit that I have ran a few myself. This absolutely defeats the purpose of lights because you learn very quickly that just because the light is green doesn't mean you have clearance. It's very important to look both ways before crossing the intersection.

It's not Yuge, it's Huge:
I have an absolute pet peeve with how New Yorkers say the word HUGE- it has an H and not a Y- come on!

Is there anything more disgusting than combined fast food restaurants?
This one is not specifically a NY observation but I feel it should be addressed. The other day I passed a Taco Bell/Long John Silvers- something about a soft taco supreme and a side of fish sticks will make anyone want to vomit. I think I might have to start a campaign to shut these "restaurants" down immediately.

I wear sunglasses in the winter!!
I absolutely love how sunny it is here. The sun reflects off the snow and it's just cheerfully bright. Even though we've only had a handful of days above freezing- it makes me feel just a bit better when I pair my Dior sunglasses with my puffy coat!

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