Sunday, February 1, 2009

Heat Wave??

I am sort of addicted to my Blackberry. I use it to text, email, check Facebook, read the NY Times, and also to check the weather forecast. I went to today to see what to expect this upcoming week and was excited to see warmer weather on the horizon. I read the forecast off to Adam: Monday 41, Tuesday, 49, Wednesday 52 and raining! I was delighted! We were talking about how the snow would finally melt and we could walk the dogs a bunch. Even the thought of rain made me smile... 52 and raining! Wow! It's going to be like living in Seattle!

An hour or so later I went upstairs to get ready for the day and turned the news on. The meteorologist was all baffled because he couldn't predict how a particular storm pattern was going to move. He started to explain that depending on how the pattern moved it could potentially hook up with some cold air from Canada and cause large accumulations of snow. WHAT?!? I thought we were going to see temps in the 50s... only then did I realize that late last week I had pulled up to see what type of weather Seattle was getting. No, that forecast was not for zip code 12203 but it was for 98115. That sucks! It's like I played an April Fool's joke on myself. Damn.


Emily said...

Well thanks for the Seattle weather report... I hadn't checked it yet this week!

Dielle said...

Too funny!!!