Tuesday, January 27, 2009

An update from Gavin

Hi Guys! It's me- Gavin! I have been so busy lately. Walking has made my life awesome! I have so much fun being chased around by my parents! Plus- I can see a lot more stuff from way up here! The other day we went to the mall so mom could try on shoes. Dad and I were so bored until we found these cool trucks to play on!
I really like this ice cream truck! It would be way cooler if it actually served ice cream!
Today mom took me back to the museum- I guess she wants me to learn stuff! This time she let me run around though so that was better. I love the Sesame Street stuff!
Dad met up with us after work- I showed him this cool elk exhibit. "Whoa!"
I'm crazy!
Here I am sitting on the old "A" Train- sweet!
I don't know why my mom had to keep pulling me away from the cool trucks! I can easily walk under those ropes!
I guess she thinks it's cute how little I am. She kept taking these pictures of me! Well, that's about it. We're going to get more snow tomorrow so we're going sledding again! Yay!


Emily said...

What a stud!

laura said...

Mom, Dave and I loved these pics. Gavers is so freaking cute! I cannot wait to see you guys. Lets do web cam soon!

love, tia laura