Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A winter day in Vermont...

Over the past weekend we decided to go for a drive somewhere and thought that Vermont was as good a destination as any. The beauty of living over here is that we really don't know much about anything so every experience is new and fun. I had taken this particular drive in the fall- you might remember from a previous post. It was cool to see everything covered in snow and the trees without their leaves. We just headed east and got lost in the rural woods of Vermont. Maybe we weren't lost- if you don't have a specific destination in mind, then getting lost leads you to interesting gems that you may never have seen otherwise. Somehow we found ourselves in Shaftsbury- where you will find the Robert Frost Stone House Museum. While Frost was actually born in San Francisco, he lived in this house from 1920 to 1929 and much of his work was inspired by this part of the country. His grave is in nearby Bennington. Apparently the museum doesn't attract too many tourists on winter Saturday afternoons because it was closed. Oh well, at least we all got a little history lesson about Robert Frost. Glad I could help you out with a little trivia!
After we passed the Robert Frost museum- we stumbled upon The Chocolate Barn! I just love finding places like this. I believe my exact expression to Adam was, "Oh let's stop! They always have the coolest crap at places like this!" To be clear, they do not have "crap" here. They actually have wonderful chocolates and candies. We purchased an assortment of truffles that are delicious. I am not really a chocolate lover but even I can appreciate a really good truffle.
We then headed through Bennington and grabbed lunch at a little pub. Gavin thoroughly enjoyed his grilled cheese sandwich and with Vermont White Cheddar Cheese- who can blame him!
I made Adam drive an hour and a half out of his way because there is this really cool store where they sell cheese, maple syrup and handmade mittens. I had gone into this store last fall and did not buy the mittens- which are $12 lined with fleece. I have been regretting it ever since. I know that I can knit myself mittens but these ones were really awesome. Anyhow, after driving the 45 minutes past Bennington- we found the shop and it was CLOSED. Total bummer- but the above picture is really cool because you can compare the same shot from the fall.


laura said...

the picture contrast is very cool. it is also cool that you can go for a day trip to a totally different state! Awesome!

Emily said...

I'm so happy my only friend who doesn't go crazy for chocolate still had to stop at the chocolate barn!

laura said...

Ok, time for a new post sis. Its been ten days and all...new pics of the gav mister por favor.