Sunday, January 4, 2009

What to do on a cold winter day? Play tourist!

Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street? Well, not really but I can tell you that the New York State Museum has the original street scene from the beloved children's show. Adam had the day off on Saturday so we decided to head downtown and check out more of Albany.  Not too surprising, the New York State Museum is the largest and oldest state museum in the country.  We decided to pay it a visit.
The museum is made up of three sections - New York Metropolis, Adirondack Wilderness, and New York Native Americans.  It's takes up four floors and admission is FREE! We started in the Metropolis section and that is where we ended as well. Keep in mind- 16 month old boys don't quite appreciate museum visits. We will return another day to see the other sections. The New York City section is awesome- it goes through the history of how the city developed and neighborhoods were formed based on immigration and class warfare. The exhibit is broken down by neighborhood and you can see original taxi cabs, bicycles, subway trains, replicas of store fronts, and more. On a more sobering note- there is also an exhibit on the September 11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center.  While the exhibit is impressive with its memorabilia- it is really gut wrenching to look at. 
We left the museum feeling a little somber so we decided to go get lunch. Gavin enjoyed a chocolate milk shake that the owner, a nice older gentleman, made for him. He said just seeing Gavin made his whole day! I think after the chocolate shake- Gavin can say the feeling was mutual.

This brings me to the title of my post- it's amazing how we take our own towns for granted sometimes. There are plenty of "tourist attractions" that I never saw/did in Seattle because I lived there and just never thought about it. I never visited the new Seattle Library, never took the underground tour, never took a tour of the wineries. My point is- if you find yourself bored one afternoon, go play tourist of your hometown. You might be surprised how fun that actually is! 

**Side note- the camera left a crazy glare from Gavin's stroller straps... we did not dress him in metallic... nor did we strap glow sticks to him, as Steve Davey suggested!


Steve Davey said...

So looking at the 2nd picture of Gavin, were you taking him to a rave after the musuem? He looks like he has his glow sticks all ready to go.

Seattle Library - Yes (You really never went? You were two blocks away for like 5 years).

Underground tour - No, by all means NO. Avoid this one like the plague. Consider yourself lucky to have missed this one.

jenny said...

Funny! Ok, for those reading- clarification- do not take the underground tour in seattle!

Emily said...

Gav is a boy after my own heart ... a chocolate milkshakes would make my day too! Curtis and I received 4 copies of the same Washington Wine book for Christmas so we returned three and resolved to visit the wineries on our side of the mountains.