Monday, December 29, 2008

Heading into a New Year...

As we approach 2009, it's hard not to think of all that's happened this year. I try to keep this blog uplifting and light-hearted but sometimes I feel I need an outlet to work through some of my feelings and reactions to what is happening in our country. I was watching Meet The Press yesterday and one piece caught my attention. It was a quote from Jeff Immelt, the CEO of General Electric, the parent company of NBC--at a speech in November: "The economic crisis doesn't represent a cycle; it represents a `reset.' It's an emotional, social, economic reset. ... People who understand that will prosper. Those who don't will be left behind." I think this is absolutely true. When I reflect on my time at Washington Mutual- there are years that just blend together because everything was moving so quickly and the idea of quantity over quality dominated our way of life. Slow and steady did not win the race. Or did it?

While it's hard not to worry about all of our problems- I find myself hopeful that, because we have a chance to "reset," our lives will end up more fulfilling. It could be just the stage of life I am in with starting a family but I am so grateful that I have something else to talk about other than banking. This time in Albany has been enlightening in many ways because I have learned that I actually have a lot of interests. I think we get so wrapped up in careers and proving ourselves that we sometimes miss the joy that all of that is supposed to provide. I had a conversation with my friend Whitney about this last week because she turned 30- as many of my friends have or will shortly. I told her that 30 is the new awesome- we spent our twenties trying to prove ourselves to everyone. It's time to be confident! For me, going into my own thirtieth year- I want only to build on my own happiest life. So with that, I offer you my 2009 New Years Resolutions:

1) Start a vegetable garden
2) Find work that fulfills me
3) Exercise- I'm not aiming for a specific weight goal- I aim only to treat my body with the respect it deserves.
4) Utilize our Netflix account- 3:10 to Yuma, while good, was not worth $60 - nice that they let us keep it for six months though
5) Enjoy time with friends and family- traveling, cooking, eating, and playing

We are having friends over to ring in the New Year- I'm planning a fabulous dinner and hope you all have equally fun plans! Cheers!


Emily said...

Cheers to resetting! Happy New Year!

laura said...

Yeah, I hear ya. It is definitley time for us as a country and as a people to start reevaluating our place in the world and in our own lives as individuals. Old school values such as family and friends over money and wealth have their place for a reason and those values have withstood the test of time. The better is loving yourself and your those whom you share your lives with.

You should also consider making it a resolution to read Omnivores Dilema, a history of food in America. A very interesting read, especially for a foodie like you:)

This year, not to be corny, I am ever so thankful for my loving family. Love you sis.