Friday, December 12, 2008

Winter Ice Storm- 2008

Ok, I don't mean to sound like one of those lame weathermen that stands outside in their North Face jacket waiting for the first sign of controversial weather BUT we had an ice storm! I'd never experienced an ice storm before. The forecast actually predicted ice accumulation- we got about a half an inch of solid ice on everything. At first glance, it might appear that it snowed but it's just ice. Trees are down all over the place- it's so crazy! Albany was even featured on the Today Show this morning as one of the cities worst hit by this storm. However, we live in the more urban part of Albany and it's not as bad -at least we have power! I'm not really a big fan of ice - I'd prefer snow. I guess that's a good thing because before I finished typing that sentence, I looked out the window and now it is snowing! I'm such a wuss when it comes to this kind of weather. I hope to "man up" before the end of the season. Well, guess I better go scatter ice melt on my front steps so the mailman doesn't sue us! Hope you enjoy these pictures of Albany's Ice Storm 2008 :)


Dielle said...

Isn't that psycho? I'd never heard of ice storms or freezing rain before I was in Toronto. Where it literally gets too cold to snow. Give me snow any day over that ice. Especially if you have to go out in it, where every muscle of your body tenses up, just waiting to fall and break your neck! On a happier note, it's kind of pretty, especially in your photos. And if you have power and don't have to go out, that's not too bad!

Emily said...

Crazy! We just had our first snow of the year ... but we sure didn't get much. I was thinking about you this morning when NPR was reporting on everyone in your area w/o power. Glad you guys have power. Stay inside and stay safe!