Sunday, December 21, 2008

More Winter Fun

We had another full day of snow!  I have no idea how much we have in total- it's just a lot!  It really is pretty.

We took Gavin and the dogs out for a long walk.  Gavin had the luxury of being pulled on a sled! He had an absolute blast!

We went to Saratoga Springs yesterday afternoon and ran into Santa! Gavin wasn't a real big fan of him!
Outside Santa's workshop...

Gavin scored a job as one of Santa's elves...

Playing in the backyard... Adam was having fun picking Starsky up and throwing him into the snow!  You can sort of make him out in the photo below- flying through the air!  Hope you all are having as much fun as us!


Emily said...

Looks delightful! Merry Christmas Eve!

laura said...

that is so adorable. gavers makes a great looking little elf!!! he looks a little freaked out by Santa though, i am not sure i totally blame him. Santa looks a little "different" in that pic.

Feliz navidad! Merry christmas!!!

Love Auntie laura