Monday, December 8, 2008

12 degrees, feels like- it's freaking cold!

It is sooooo cold here! Apparently, just six degrees earlier this morning. It is 12 degrees right now. Also extremely dry- even my jeans stick to my legs from static. At this point the weather forecast should just be- Monday- cold, Tuesday- colder, Wednesday- dress in tons of layers because you're going to be freakin cold! You get the idea. I also don't understand the whole "it's 12 degrees but with the wind chill- it feels like below zero temperatures." I'm sorry but if it feels like, then it is. I am actually not complaining- more like expressing my shock at how different it is. I'm sure by mid-January, I will advance to full-complaint mode. The thing is- even with the cold- it is so beautiful outside. It is sunny with blue skies which makes it incredibly misleading! For example, yesterday we decided to go get our Christmas tree. It was sunny and clear and so we thought- let's go to the tree farm and cut one down. Here's how the event took place:
2pm- The deMars arrive at tree farm
2:02- Adam says to Jen, "wow, it's cold!" Jen replies, "yeah, and with that wind- brrr...."
2:03- The wind picks up; Gavin's cheeks are bright red. Jen says to Adam, "That tree looks good!"
2:04- They look at several other trees- Adam says, "I think that first tree is perfect." Jen agrees.
2:05- Gavin has tears rolling down his face from the wind. Jen says, "ok, we'll wait for you in the car."
2:10- Tree is on top of car and as they drive off, Jen says to Adam, "Do we even know how tall that tree is?"

Our tree looks nice- it's very simple. We decided to skip the beads and shiny red balls- hoping to make it less tempting for Gavin. We went with the Fraser Fir which seems to be the the tree of choice here in New York. It would have been nice to have walked around for an hour or so looking for the perfect tree but I think we did fine considering the circumstances. Now I just need to find a tree skirt and a tree topper. After all these years, we have never invested in either.


Emily said...

It's a beautiful tree and looks great with your red walls! After seeing Gav's Halloween costume, I bet you could make a tree skirt.

Dielle said...

I think it's a beautiful tree. I like thinner ones, as opposed to big fat Douglas firs. Hopefully Gavin is better about leaving ornaments on the tree and presents wrapped than my girlies were at that age!