Saturday, December 20, 2008

Winter Wonderland

Well, this may not be impressive for those of you living in the Northwest considering you are experiencing similar weather!  I like to think that Mother Nature wants you to feel more connected to us in spite of the 3,000 mile separation.  Our snow storm began around noon yesterday and dumped about a foot of snow.   
We have the joy of having to shovel after each snow storm- per New York State Law.  The thrill wears off pretty quickly.  Although, we've discovered how we can stay in shape this winter. 
Starsky loves the snow- plays in it like a puppy!  Max, on the other hand, remains huddled by the back door. 

We are fortunate to have better plows etc... so we're going to venture up to Saratoga Springs for the afternoon.  We will take pictures and post later along with snow pics of Gavin. He hasn't been out in it yet... I'm sure that will be fun!  We're expecting another foot of snow tomorrow and from what it sounds like- you are expecting more snow! Stay warm and have fun!

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