Monday, December 1, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Well, having returned from our Thanksgiving break- we are settling back into the swing of things here in Albany. We got the Christmas lights up on the house. The picture is sort of poor- my apologies- it is 11pm here and I just stepped outside really quickly to snap a photo. I will replace the picture later when I can get a better shot from across the street. I didn't want my neighbors to think I was that crazy!

The weather has been sort of strange since we returned. Yesterday it snowed off and on all day, turning to freezing rain. I was sure we were going to wake up to all kinds of ice. Instead, it was absolutely gorgeous today- 55 degrees and sunny! I can't get too excited though- the upcoming weekend has a cold forecast- 34 is the high- 16 is the low! We are all set for the snow now- we got a snow shovel and a huge bucket of ice melt. I'm confident that the winter will provide good blog material.

As for a comfort food update- tonight I made Tyler Florence's Ultimate Macaroni & Cheese. I used the recipe out of his cookbook which varies slightly from this one off My recipe adds 2 cups frozen peas to the bacon, onion, garlic mixture that goes on top. I have to say- YUM!! I wasn't sure what to think about the pea addition but it was really good. Plus, you can feel just a little bit better about eating all that cheese and bacon! Ha!

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Emily said...

Love your lights! And so jealous you already got some snow!