Wednesday, November 12, 2008

If stoves can be sexy- that's one sexy stove!

Big event in the deMars household- I got a new stove! I absolutely LOVE it! I can't take credit for calling it sexy- that would actually have been my mother in law- which makes it all the more funny! Our oven was on a downward spiral and I did not want to waste any time getting a new appliance. I made that mistake with our Seattle home and had to buy new appliances two weeks before the house went on the market and didn't even get to enjoy them! SO- live and learn! And LIVE I did! This range is sweet! It is a gas convection with a warming oven! It has 5 burners- complete with griddle! It has a meat probe and quick boil and simmer settings! I am breaking it in with a roasted chicken- smells fantastic!


Emily said...

I am SO SO SO jealous. I'll have to show this post to Curtis. Live and learn ... I guess we should probably redo our entire kitchen ASAP. And wish I was there to benefit from the all the great things that will come out of that new stove!

Lisa said...

Hey Jenny! Katie passed on your blog to me. She thought I would enjoy seeing what you are up to! Looks like you are adjusting to life on the east coast. I can't believe how grown-up Gavin is! WOW!
Anyways, I hope you don't mind if I put a link from your blog to mine? Let me know...

Take care and tell Adam hello from Paj and I!

Much love,

PS - Your roast is making me hungry...I would TOTALLY buy your cookbook! :o)