Sunday, November 2, 2008

A weekend in pictures...

I could not resist the urge to carve an Obama Pumpkin- it's true - I am a democrat!  Barack the Vote!

What else would Gavin be for Halloween other than a beagle!?!  I do not consider myself crafty but odd things happen to you when you have children.  I came to this realization Thursday evening, when I was sitting on the couch watching Grey's Anatomy while trying to hand sew the tail. I simply thought to myself- "oh wow, I'm making a freakin' dog costume!"  
Adam raked up all the leaves in our backyard - filled up 12 large compost bags- wasn't that just super fun for him!?!
One of my old WWU roommates came for a visit this weekend. Melissa is living in Washington DC so she made the short trip up to NY to spend the Halloween weekend with us. We spent Saturday afternoon up in Saratoga Springs. Saratoga is awesome- sort of a cross between Bellingham's Fairhaven and NYC's Greenwich Village.  
Mel and I down by the Hudson River.
Ok, so Albany does have its charm.  As you've seen from prior posts- I've basically made a strong case for the Northeast Fall.  Just as an August day in Seattle clinches the best summer weather award- the Northeast Fall beats Northwest fall hands down.  Today was just a quintessential fall day- extremely crisp air, gorgeous foliage and all this witnessed with great friends. We spent an hour or so walking around by the river front and taking some photos of this beautiful day.

I know all people think their kids are cute- but holy crap - he's cute!


Emily said...

Holy Crap, he is cute! Good job on the costume. Hold on to those for the rest of us. LOVE your Obama pumpkin!!!

Katie said...

I love Gavin's beagle Halloween costume! Very impressive! He is so cute!

laura said...

oh gosh, he just is cuter and cuter each day! I love his little smirk in this picture!