Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Rounding the Corner to 30!

Never before have I had so many people ask me about my upcoming birthday. I guess 30 is one of those milestone birthdays, new decade and all. I have already written about why I am perfectly comfortable with becoming 30. However, I will admit that the other night- I was made to feel, for lack of a better word, older. Not OLD, but OLDER... Here's how it went down:

My girlfriends wanted to take me out to celebrate my birthday, but with conflicting schedules we had to do it a week early. They planned a night out, complete with dinner, cocktails, and dancing. We started out at Ryan's house with some pomegranate margaritas (really good by the way). There, they surprised me with a birthday tiara that read "Birthday Queen" across it and with a lei full of sparkly flowers. I really didn't want to wear this out all night, but I'm not one to spoil such a gesture. Plus, it's my 30th birthday and I should be ready to announce this proudly! So, of course, the rest of the night I had people saying "Happy Birthday!" "How old are you?" "Is it your 21st birthday?" At one point,  a guy came up to me and said, "Oh, it's my birthday tomorrow! How old are you going to be?" I told him and he said, "Oh, wow, I'm going to be 23!" Awesome. But, here is the best part- when we hit the dance club, a guy came up to me and wanted to dance. He starts asking me questions about how old I am etc. He then says, "Well, if you're 30, I should ask if you're married?" Yes, I am. "Oh, does it get worse?" What do you mean? "How many kids do you have?" I have 1, a little boy. "Ok, Peace out!" HAHA! That was the conversation verbatim! Classic! 

The moral of this story is two-fold. First, don't wear a tiara out when you feel the urge to let loose and just go dancing with your girlfriends. Second, and most important, the club scene really is meant for early 20 somethings. I find nothing wrong with indulging occasionally but honestly, it's just not my thing. Obviously, part of that is being in a different part of my life entirely- married with a kid. I'm perfectly comfortable with forgoing the $3 shots for a $12 martini. I seek the comfort of a nice booth over being shoved against strangers in a crowded club. I can do without my shoes being sticky and my clothes smelling of cigarettes. That whole scene actually will make you feel OLD. But, indulging a few times a year will sure give you some good laughs! Awe... to be 21 again! That's the beauty of aging- each age gives you a little more perspective and lots of good stories for years to come! After all, we should never take ourselves too seriously! Cheers!


Emily said...

Peace Out 20's!!!

Dan said...

I'm right behind you, Jenny. My 30th is this summer, too. But to be honest, sometimes I forget that I'm not already 30!

laura said...

yeah, i hear ya. The club scene is kinda lame. I prefer a nice pub or wine bar. A good pub with a good trivia game? AWESOME!

Steve W. said...

There was one night I had to go to Fred Meyer to get some thermal underwear for my kids. It was, like 9:30 at night, and snowing, so the store is pretty dead. I am walking down the main aisle of the store, and there is a woman coming toward me. As she gets closer, I smile and say "Hi" like you do when you pass someone and you're both all alone. She stops short. Looks me up and down. And says "Yeah, RIGHT". And turns and keeps going. I wasn't even 40 then!