Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A Day at Historic Congress Park, Saratoga Springs

Tuesday was Adam's last day as an intern and we celebrated by spending the day up in Saratoga Springs. As you know, this is one of our very favorite places to go. We shopped for a little while on Broadway, had lunch and then headed over to Historic Congress Park. The park is the oldest in New York State. It's absolutely beautiful and is filled with historic memorials and mineral springs. And, of course, could anything be cuter than baby ducklings?
Gavin is such an animal lover, as most children are. He was mesmerized by the baby ducks. He had a lot of fun watching them swim around.

This kid could not be anymore of a daddy's boy. It's adorable, yes, but I can't help but be a little jealous! Gavin thought being up on Adam's shoulders was awesome and he giggled the whole way back to the car.


Hillary said...

Gavin is getting so big! He's so cute, I can't wait to see him again (and you, too, of course). I'm still really bummed that I had to miss your birthday. Stupid weddings. :-(

Jenny said...

Hillary, I completely understand and am just sad that you weren't able to partake in a fantastic NYC weekend! I hope that you are able to make it back this way over the next few years. I think I might have you pegged as a Boston girl.