Thursday, October 1, 2009

Quick Sourdough Update

Ok, I looked at my sourdough starter this morning and there was a layer of water that had separated from the doughy section. I went and googled this and apparently it's not a big deal- some referred to it as "hooch." Hooch is where the yeast creates a sort of alcohol-like liquid. Some advised to pour that out and some advised to just stir it in. I decided to dump the hooch. Wow, never thought I'd write that sentence on this blog! I poured half the starter out and added more flour and water. I am making soup so I placed the starters next to the simmering pot- hopefully, we'll get some action soon.


Hillary said...

Hooch is the alcohol inmates make under their beds in prison with old bread and toilet water in stolen plastic bags from the kitchen. I learned this on Prison Break. Never did I think I would be repeating it. :-)

Steve said...

So the sentence you never thought you would write was, "so I decided to dump the hooch" but this one "hopefully, we will get some action soon." didn't cause you to bat an eye?

Honestly I was about to delete the blog from my RSS feed with all this talk about sourdough but it just got really interesting!

Can't wait until tomorrow's update!

Jenny said...

Yes, it's hard to please all readers, Steve. It's a difficult task to make sourdough bread a subject of interest to a 40 year old male who works in retail banking. But, I am here to accept the challenge. Plus, as an added bonus, look at all the extra trivia I am providing to you. You could very well have someone say to you, "I'm going to make sourdough bread." Now, you can respond, "Watch out for the hooch!"