Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Autumn in New York

Well, here we are - beginning of November. I can't believe how quickly time is flying by. I had hoped to take more day trips but we've just been really busy with things that I can't even remember doing! Plus, I had the cold/flu from Hell and did not have much energy. I'm not sure if I had the notorious swine flu or not because I never went to the doctor. I'm basically surrounded by doctors in our social circle and they all gave me the same useless advice: rest and drink fluids. Seriously, so glad we paid thousands of dollars in medical school tuition for that! I keep telling Adam that if he was really ambitious, he'd find a cure for the common cold! Instead, he is learning to put people under and keep them alive while having surgery. What a slacker!

Anyhow, before I knew it; November arrived. The trees are dropping their leaves and the nights are getting cold. We are busy winterizing the house. We decided to put plastic up in the windows to try and conserve some heat. Last year we paid ridiculous amounts of money to heat this house. Sadly, the house was still pretty cold because our radiators sit right beneath the windows. Money was literally going out the window. So, last month we bought the plastic insulation kits and got out the hairdryer. I have to say- it makes a huge difference! The house feels warmer already. We'll see how it is when the temperature falls to the single digits. In the meantime, I did promise some fall foliage pictures so here are my favorites from this year.
This is the view of Albany from Thatcher Park, which sits up on the hillside.
Another shot from Thatcher Park
Gavin and his pumpkin...
I've been raking up the leaves in our yard- Gavin has so much fun playing in the piles!
And napping in the piles...
Needless to say, we still haven't cleaned up his fall playground.
And really, when the leaves are this much fun- why should we hurry? Happy Fall!


Eileen said...

GREAT pictures--this is my favorite time of year for color. Cute pics of the little cutie pie.
Love, mom/gramma

Missy said...

Wow! I love your autumn posts! I dunno how you could miss home with scenery like that. Beautiful. I'm thinking about doing the hairdryer treatment on our windows too, let me know if there are tricks to it that I should know beforehand.

Dielle said...

Gorgeous photos! And Gavin really looks like he's having a great time. We did the plastic and hairdryer thing in our old house and it worked pretty well. Every once in awhile we had to get out the hairdryer to reshrink the plastic, but it sure made a difference in our outrageous heating bills. The other thing that was huge was having insulation blown in. They blew the shredded newspaper stuff in the walls and attic, then wrapped insulation under the house in the crawl space. Our gas bill went from over $200/mo to about $75. That was in about 1999.

Emily said...

Don't listen to Missy - you DO MISS HOME and can't wait to come back. Right!?