Monday, November 30, 2009

Sunday Morning Hike at Thacher Park

Sunday morning we were being lazy, just lying on the couch when I suggested we go take a walk through a park I had heard about. Thacher Park is a state park that is just 20 minutes from our house. There are about 30 miles worth of hiking trails and some beautiful scenic views. It was a beautiful morning- mid 40s and lots of sunshine. We all had a great time- our only regret was not taking advantage of this park sooner.
Gavin is at such a fun age right now. I said to Adam that while babies are awesome with all of their milestones- the fun is just really starting to begin. Gav had so much fun running around, throwing rocks, and just being a kid.
He's really growing up!
The beagles enjoyed some nature as well. We just wish that they would be better off leash. It is such a great place to let your dogs loose but unfortunately these hounds just can't (won't) listen!
Gavin grunted while walking up the hills- totally hilarious. I think this was one of our favorite family outings- we're already planning on going back this weekend. Even with the snow just around the corner, we think we might start snow shoeing with Gav. I think he could handle it - the boy likes adventure!


Emily said...

Looks like a wonderful park / hike. Gav is so cute, I’m glad you guys are having so much fun with him! Miss you guys!

Missy said...

Beautiful photos!

Anonymous said...

really looks a nice park, thx for sharing the photos :)

Dielle said...

That photo of Adam and Gavin and one of your doggies is soooo cute! I think you should blow it up big and frame it.

laura said...

little gavers! what a fun family! Cant wait to see pictures of snowshoeing!

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