Friday, June 25, 2010

June 25th- still pregnant!

I am still so very pregnant. I know that I am not actually due until next Saturday but I am just so frustrated! Many people warned me that just because Gavin came 3 weeks early does not mean that this one will. But, WHY NOT?!?! I'm not terribly uncomfortable but am just sick of the anticipation. I am also freaking out that the baby is getting too big! When I went into the hospital a couple of weeks ago with false labor, or perhaps wishful thinking, the midwife who attended to me made a comment that the baby is really big. Really big, and by the way, you're not even close to going into real labor. Have fun growing your huge child! Seriously, I can see the headlines now, "Woman Births 20 Pound Sumo Wrestler." Clearly, I am freaking out.

My little sister Julie arrived on Wednesday. It has been nice to have her here and it's taken some of the stress away, knowing that she can be here with Gavin when I finally do go into labor. We haven't done too much considering my condition and not wanting to be too far away from the hospital. Adam will be home over the next few days so we're planning on taking a short hike tomorrow morning or maybe early this afternoon if it isn't too hot.

The humidity was pretty intense yesterday. We went for a short walk around the neighborhood and I swear that Max looked like he was going to die of heat stroke when we got home. That dog has major weight fluctuation. He gets fed the same amount every single day and does not get table scraps. It is the strangest thing. Anyhow, I don't think he can handle any more walks when the weather is above 80 degrees. I actually sprayed him down with the hose to cool his body temperature.

Oddly enough, until the past couple of days, I hadn't really thought much about what it's going to be like when the baby arrives. It's strange to think of bringing home a tiny little baby. I am so used to my big toddler. I'm excited and nervous. Do I have the patience to balance the needs of a newborn and also Gavin? I know that all of my concerns are completely normal. I just need things to happen so I can stop stressing myself out!

Well, not too much else to say. It's early still and everyone else is asleep. I think I will make blueberry muffins before it gets too hot to use the oven. Hopefully, my next post will be about our new baby. However, I have a feeling it will more than likely be about our hike!


Eileen said...

it's so fun to read your posts!! sorry you're still carrying that sweet "little" thing around inside and not outside. you are definitely in our thoughts. keep cool--you and max!

Michele said...

Well... that was all very well written!! I feel like we are living in your mind sometimes. It's gotta happen soon. And your concerns about a baby and a toddler??? So completely normal. You really don't know how you will juggle until it just happens. Your instincts just take over. You will be GREAT!!

Hillary said...

I can't wait to hear about the baby when he/she gets here!! You're already an awesome mom and you'll just get better with another one. :)

Emily said...

I can't believe anyone would tell you that you have a "huge" baby inside you - rude! Really, why can't they just lie, would it really make a difference? I'm thinking positive thoughts for you and can't wait to read posts from a mom of two! Stay cool and enjoy Julie's visit!