Monday, November 1, 2010

Girls Weekend in Montreal

Last weekend, my girlfriends and I escaped to Montreal. We had planned to go somewhere for a girls weekend and waited to see where we could priceline the best hotel deal before deciding on a destination. We thought we were going to end up in Boston, but hotels were crazy expensive for some reason. So, we decided to drive a little bit further, and go to Montreal. I am so glad that we did, because it is an amazing city! It reminded me of Vancouver, and also of Paris. It is such a clean city, especially in contrast to Philadelphia. There is a great mix of old and new architecture. The food scene is fabulous. Shopping is plentiful. In summary, destination Montreal, equals, destination AWESOME!

I was a little uneasy about leaving Olivia, since she's still so little. I was less uneasy about leaving Gavin. (Future Gavin, please do not take offense. When you have a 3 year old someday, you'll completely understand.) Regardless, I knew I needed to take a break from my mommy role. I think it's infinitely important for parents to take some time for themselves. It's good for everyone- believe it or not, kids need a break from us too! I also think it's important to spend time with friends. Because we don't have family here, our friends have really stepped up to fill that void. I enjoyed being able to devote time to those friendships. It was great to be able to have conversations without pausing to change a diaper, or deal with a tantrum. It was wonderful to dress up for dinner, enjoy appetizers, and eat slowly. Girls weekends... simply rock. Of course, it's always great to come home to my babies and an equally awesome husband.

Here are a few photos of Montreal. I'm working on an article for about Montreal. I will post the link once it goes live.
The drive to Montreal is about 4 hours from Albany. It's a straight shot, north on I-87. It was beautiful in late October.
At a great restaurant in Old Montreal, called L'Appartement
Toyin, Fahmida, and Michelle- heading out for a day of shopping and sightseeing 
Notre Dame- Old Montreal
Old Montreal- cobblestone streets, beautiful architecture, and brasseries
Shopping in Old Montreal


Emily said...

Sounds like it was a great weekend - will look forward to your article!

Eileen said...

nice pictures and great to read about your wonderful weekend!! it is a beautiful city and very impressive

Hillary said...

Looks gorgeous -- a lot like Paris! I'm so glad you've made some good friends in Albany. They're lucky to have you for a few years! :)

Michele said...

Fun fun for you!! You got some great pictures. Girlfriends understand everything. I know what you mean about eating a meal slowly and uninterrupted. You will laugh... last night Brendan was running around naked and wanted his jammies on... I was literally 2 bites into my dinner. (Kids ate first and fast).. I looked at Brianna and said "I'll give you a dollar if you dress Brendan." She was all over it. What am I teaching?? I didn't care at that point... I just wanted to eat. ;-)

anna woerman said...

how awesome, Montreal is like a mini europe so close by!

Missy said...

You have got it so together, mama of two and already a fab weekend under your belt! I'm impressed!