Thursday, November 11, 2010

Life with Olivia at 4 months

We just returned from Olivia's 4 month checkup. Amazing that it's been 4 months already. I finally feel like I have a bit of a grasp on life with two kids. The basic rule of thumb is to have a "just roll with it" attitude. Children are just completely unpredictable. Things that worked with Gavin, don't work with Olivia. But, one thing is true with every child: they grow up fast. I have to constantly remind myself of this fact. When I find myself getting frustrated about not getting things done around the house, I will take the kids out on the front porch. It's gotten colder, but we snuggle on the porch swing with a blanket and it seems to calm us all down. It's these moments that make me feel lucky. Where else would I rather be? Certainly not cleaning the house. Porch swings are therapeutic.

Olivia is getting so big. She has such a sweet nature about her. All she really wants is to be held and talked to. When I am not holding her, she watches me and when we make eye contact, she gives me a great big smile. She has a great smile- the kind of smile that starts with her eyes. Without talking, she says, "Hi Mom! It's me!" We love her.

She continues to be a bit of a night owl, but I'm beginning to call her bluff. She goes to bed around 8pm and wakes up for a feeding around midnight. She wakes up around 3am, but I'm letting her fuss through that one. She seems to be a light sleeper and I'm trying to encourage her to fall back to sleep. The last couple of nights have been successful and I'm finally getting 6 solid hours of sleep. She wakes again around 6am for a feeding. From there, she'll sleep until 8am or 9am. After the last few months, I will take it!

Here are her current stats and a few pics from the past month:
Weight: 14lbs, 12oz (63rd percentile)
Length: 25.5 inches (81st percentile- lucky little thing)
Skills: rolling, giggling, smiling, and doing all things cute
Cuddled up in the beautiful quilt that her Grandma deMars made for her

Happy Girl!
Halloween Giraffe
Oh, yes she did!
I dare you not to love our little material girl...


Anonymous said...

how adorable! I can't wait to see her big smile in december.


Michele said...

D.A.R.L.I.N.G. :-) She does have the best smile. Glad you are figuring out the 2 kid thing. It definitely brings you back to reality and realize that the laundry can sit on the couch for one more day. We need our phone date sometime soon.

jen said...

She is such a doll! What a beautiful family you have! I loved picturing you guys on your porch swing-I need one of those! :-)

Eileen said...

as usual, love your post and the pictures are perfect. glad you're getting six hours...makes a big difference

Missy said...

I do believe your little girl has the coolest outfits ever. Every single photo pictured is so darling!

Emily said...

Sweet as can be! I can't wait to meet her and to see all of you in December!