Monday, December 20, 2010

December musings... Cheers to a Happy New Year!

Hello again. Does it seem like this month has flown by for anyone else? I cannot believe that this month and year are so rapidly coming to an end. This will likely be my last post of the year. We are gearing up to visit our families over the holidays. As we close the chapter that is 2010, I have a few things to reflect on. First, I was miserable at accomplishing my resolutions from last year. I did not learn to knit cables, nor did I learn to cross country ski. I did join a book club online, but never went to a meeting! I did, however, take up snowshoeing. And, let's not forget- I did create human life! Ha! Resolutions - you've got nothing on me!

This month also marked an important milestone for Adam and me- our 10 year wedding anniversary. We can't help but feel awesome about that. Marriages get thrown away pretty easily anymore. Life throws curveballs and people change. I am so happy with the life that we have created together. It's truly great. Now with two little sidekicks, I imagine our next decade will be that much more interesting!

Finally, with January right around the corner, all of the magazines I subscribe to are sending their New Year's editions. The theme seems to be about happiness; how to be happy. January 1st- the official reset button: we evaluate our lives and make changes where we see fit. It seems funny to me that we all struggle with finding contentment. I seem to write an overly reflective post almost quarterly... Is it really that hard to just be happy? Apparently so, because I have 4 magazines in front of me that are dealing with this very question! I have been drawing my own conclusion over the past couple of years and it's simply that we should try and direct our energy to the people and things that we love. Unfortunately, everyday stressers can fuzzy up this point. So, for the sake of the happiness project- here are my 2011 resolutions that I think will make me enjoy life just a little bit more!

1. Run a 10k - (I'm too much of a chicken to write, "half-marathon")
2. Grow pumpkins in the garden
3. Learn a *successful* method for making gnocchi
4. Eat a more seasonal diet- which means embracing unfamiliar produce
5. Practice more patience, and maybe a little yoga too

Happy Holidays to you and yours!


Emily said...

Love your paragraph about you and Adam and being happy in your marriage and with your kiddos! You guys are amazing! Happy Anniversary!

I can't wait for you to perfect gnocchi and share your secrets with me - it's also a struggle for me and I'd probably be a little happier if I could do it too!

Can't wait to see you four in a few days! xoxo

PS. We're going to have an online cooking "club" for you to join in 2011... just need to get it up and going!

Eileen said...

oh...pumpkins are so cool. a b&b in town had vines meandering around their white picket-fenced yard. just magical looking. you need to "write" (scratch) names or sayings on them when small and then the scare grows with the pumpkins...another cool thing. great post, jenny--as always! so glad you and my sonny are so happy!

Eileen said...

just read what i wrote--it's the scar not the scare, although it could be a scary saying or picture!

jenny goodman said...

The one thing about pumpkins is that they can take up a lot of room in your garden. But they are so fun!I love the idea of letting them meander along your fence. By the way...if you can run a 10k you could totally run a half marathon. I have a fantastic training program that I could email you. It makes it very doable. Would work for a 10k, too. Happy New Year, Jen. I miss you.

Missy said...

I've seen those very magazines you speak of. I have a couple on my counter touting ways to get happy. Happy New Year and I hope all your goals become a reality!