Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The resilient Buzz Lightyear, a medical marvel

As I have mentioned, Gavin is obsessed with Toy Story. He takes Buzz and Woody with him everywhere. Many times we tell him that he can only take one- so sometimes Buzz joins us at the store, and later, Woody will join us at the park. It's much like the movie, in that Gavin usually chooses Buzz. He likes to take him out on the front porch, where he throws him over the railing and then runs to retrieve him. He isn't exactly gentle with these toys.

About two months ago, Gavin was throwing Buzz around the kitchen and his leg fell off. It was tragic. We made a trip to the store and replaced him. However, Buzz 2 has been thrown around even more than the Buzz 1. So, when Buzz 2 lost his leg recently, Adam pulled out some of his procedural skills and Buzz underwent a hip replacement.
Buzz, being prepped for surgery
But first, a hug to wish him well. This was actually a very serious ordeal for Gavin.
Mommy needed to hug him too, for added measure.
The leg
The hip socket
The pin
The super glue- what all hip replacements depend on.
Buzz, post-op. He is indeed ready to go to infinity and beyond!
It should be mentioned that since this surgery, Buzz has undergone 3 back surgeries. Gavin is very happy that his daddy is a doctor. In his words, "It's ok Buzz, Daddy is a doctor. He'll fix your back again!"


Eileen said...

yay for dr. daddy!! would that super glue would work so well on everything!

Anonymous said...

Haha! Love it


Emily said...

That's awesome! Really every household could use a doctor. I hope you guys move back soon, we may need to borrow you some day!

Missy said...

I can see how serious Gavin is about this; it's so sweet. And I love Buzz's victorious pose -- what a cute post!

Dielle said...

That's so awesome! I love the serious look on Gavin's face pre-surgery.

Jamie said...

I'm smiling so big after reading this post. I just love it!