Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Beautiful Montreal!

Hello again. I think I mentioned that we spent Olivia's first birthday in the glorious city of Montreal. I have been meaning to get back here to tell you all about our trip. Julie was visiting and we wanted to take her somewhere exciting. Adam had not been up to Montreal before so we decided that would be a perfect destination. If you remember, I took a girls trip up there last fall. Visiting in the summer was a completely different experience. The city was alive and the weather was perfect. Montreal is very metropolitan- tons of great restaurants and shopping. I really love the area called Vieux Montreal- or "Old Montreal." I have read that this area is considered a tourist trap and maybe it is. I don't much care, though. As someone who would love to make annual trips to Paris, this area of Montreal really does satisfy that Parisian craving. The cobblestone streets and historical architecture are charming. The neighborhood is filled with bistros, creperies, pubs, and cute shops. We had a great time walking around and taking in the scenery. We enjoyed lunch and afternoon ice cream. After wandering Old Montreal, we decided to visit Parc Olympique- where we thoroughly enjoyed the botanical gardens. We got lucky and got there right around closing. We just had to wait until 6pm, which is when they stop manning the gates and you can enter without paying the $16 per person admission fee. We were quite excited about that! During the day, the admission fee grants you access to the insectarium and the biodome. Oddly, you cannot just pay a small fee to walk the grounds and see just the gardens. Anyhow, evening was an ideal time to visit because it felt like we had the park to ourselves and the temperature was lovely. The gardens are absolutely stunning. There is a great playground outside the insectarium that we all enjoyed. It was a short, but sweet, trip to Montreal. Here are the pics!
Montreal- makes Europe feel just a little bit closer!
Beautiful day to walk along the water!
Hanging out in Montreal with my "little" sister!
Birthday girl enjoying ice cream!
At Parc Olympique
Julie getting her zen on!
Gavin getting his zen on!
Having fun at the playground
Auntie helping the birthday girl take a sip of water!
Another classic Julie pose!


Daniel Thies said...

Great pictures, Jenny! It's sad that I grew up in Vermont and never once made it up to Montreal. Now I really want to go!

Emily said...

Is that your new summer dress? I love it! I'm adding Montreal to my wish list of places to visit. Julie looks great - don't know how your "little" sister grew up to be such a tall, beautiful girl! And what a way to spend your first birthday - Happy Birthday (again) to Liv!

jenny goodman said...

Looks wonderful! Beautiful city, beautiful family

Missy said...

Yep, now I want to go too! Love your travel guide blog. :)

Eileen said...

great pictures, jenny!! always love those showing you/adam and kiddos walking away from the camera--don't know why, but they just tickle me!! so glad you enjoyed that beautiful city and could show it to julie. spent a couple days there when i was 16 and was so impressed with it's beauty and history.