Sunday, October 5, 2008

Just a post to check in...

I've been thinking about this blog for over a week now, wondering what to post next but have found myself without much to discuss. I just started a pot of soup - Rainy Day Beef & Barley- and while I was chopping, I realized that the original point of this blog was to just stay in contact and let you know what's going on in our lives- no matter how dull it might seem to me. So I'll write this post as if I was writing you a letter.

Dear Friend,

What's new with you? We're all doing great. It seems crazy that we are already a week into October- which means we've lived here for nearly four months. Adam is a quarter through his internship- each month brings a new service. This month he is working in the Medical Intensive Care Unit. He is working a ton of hours! He is on call every four days on top of his normal work hours. Call means showing up to the hospital at 6a.m. and leaving the next day at around 10:00a.m. On some services that allows you to get some sleep while you're there- assuming it's slow. Working in the MICU, there's not much time for sleep. I sometimes forget that he's a doctor- it catches me off guard when I talk to him and he seems stressed about keeping people alive! Being an intern you are pretty much thrown into the fire and have to start making decisions. Makes me feel a little silly when I watch Grey's Anatomy and I begin to understand why he hates that show! All in all- he seems to be coping well and I might add that he looks pretty hot in that white coat :) I think the greatest frustration to Adam right now is not being able to watch any PAC 10 Games and that Monday night football starts after 8pm! We finally got to watch a Seahawks game this week and wouldn't you know that the Giants slaughtered them. Freakin' NY!

As for Gavin, he is just all boy. The other day he crawled up to me and bit my toe! He thought that was just hilarious- I think I'll start wearing socks! He has a great time playing with the kids at daycare. He's going to daycare three days a week while I try to maintain my mortgage business. There's not much to talk about there - pretty much the only thing that comes to mind is BUZZ KILL! If you watch the news, it's needless to say that mortgage lending isn't the most fun job right now! Anyhow, I'm glad that Gav gets a chance to socialize.

I'm starting to get nervous about the weather turning cold. The other day someone asked me if I had bought an automatic car starter yet! Can you believe that?!? She also told me that she has to put plastic in her windows because the wind gets roaring so badly when the blizzards come through- where the heck did we move?!? She says to me, "I'm not going to sugar coat it - Albany winters suck!" Isn't that fantastic?!? I turned the heat on for the first time since moving into our house- the whole radiator thing is sort of different. Strange to have hot water pipes in all the rooms- they actually aren't too hot- I was worried about that with Gavin but they just feel warm to the touch.

Well, that's about all!




Emily said...

Thanks for the update. We rented a wood splitter (an amazing device, btw) and spent all day yesterday splitting rounds so we'll be stocked with fire wood for the winter. I think North Bend may get as cold as Albany. You should post a pic of your hot husband in his white coat. :o)

Hillary said...

I have an overwhelming urge to fly out there and buy you thick wool socks and a cup of coffee. By the way, I'll try your brussels sprouts if you try mine. :-)