Sunday, October 12, 2008

More Fall Foliage: Stratton, VT

After telling some friends about my last trip to Vermont, they wanted to check out the foliage and this drive I raved about! They found a ski resort that offers gondola rides for the ultimate viewing pleasure. We headed to Stratton Mountain which is about two hours away. The drive is truly magnificent... although this time Gavin added his own "soundtrack" as we realized half way that he is cutting two large back teeth. Imagine crazy, loud screaming... I can bet that our friends suggest that we meet them there next time rather than riding along with us :)
Nonetheless, we made it to Stratton and Little G cheered up. We had a nice lunch and walked through the resort. It's not Whistler Village but still has that same ski resort vibe that you can't help but enjoy! After lunch, we took a gondola up the mountain and walked some of the trails, taking in the beauty of a fabulous 70 degree day! Here are some pictures of our fun afternoon- enjoy!


MBbbfish said...

Oh... it looks warm there. And Gavin does not look happy. :-( Looks like you are enjoying everything you get to see and venture through. Very fun.

Emily said...

Nice teeth! It will be fun to check out those hills when it starts snowing!