Thursday, April 23, 2009

Defrosting: Planning a Spring Day Trip- Endless Possibilities

This weekend's forecast calls for weather in the low 80s. Amazing!! I am feeling confident enough to announce that we survived our first Albany winter. It's funny around here because it's literally like coming out of hibernation. We really didn't see many of our neighbors for months! Now, day by day, people are coming out of their homes and waving hello as they walk by. I have been out in the yard a lot lately and see a lot of my neighbors raking up their own leaves and patching up their lawns. We exchange smiles that have similar meaning, "Yes! We made it!" The trees are slowly beginning to bloom and it's like watching a watercolor artist paint a landscape, one bright green smudge at a time. I'm actually a little obsessed with watching the trees bloom- I point them out to Adam almost every day and I'm sure he's thinking, "Yeah, Jen... I get it. The trees are turning green, shocking!!" Whatever! It has just been brown for so long! 

Anyhow, getting back to our promising forecast- it's time to break out my book about New York State. Adam has the weekend off so we are planning a day trip. We are not going to a museum either! We are going to enjoy the great outdoors and I am trying to decide where to go. I think we're going to head north- where we could go to Lake George, Lake Luzerne, Lake Placid, Saranac Lake, or even Lake Champlain. I wonder what separates each lake from the next. Maybe we'll go to Fort Ticonderoga which is a little north of Lake George. We could go up to Ausable Chasm, otherwise known as the Grand Canyon of the East. The photo above is of Pixley Falls State Park- maybe we should go find that place! It is so difficult to decide! Whichever we go with, we will be combining a hike, scenic lake views, a picnic and sunshine. I am really looking forward to the weekend and will post all about it next week. I hope you enjoy your weekends as well- it's definitely tough to beat a sunny Seattle day but we'll give it our best effort.

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MBbbfish said...

Oh Jenny... I am so jealous. Have fun and can't wait to see what adventures you come across. Brian was supposed to be on vacation this week and that got nixed... so I am waiting for my adventure as well. Fun fun fun.