Sunday, April 5, 2009

Kathy, Sarah, and Julie take Manhattan!

My mom, Sarah and Julie came for a visit last week and with such an action packed itinerary- I will divide it in two posts. One for NYC and one for Boston- chapters, if you will. These are amazing cities and worthy of their own focus! So let's begin with our two day whirl-wind tour of NYC!
Times Square at night- it really does energize you! We got out of the taxi and were in awe of all the action. I find this part of the city a little too touristy but it's a must-see for anyone visiting- especially at night! We did a quick walk through on our way back to our hotel- not to mention, it's a good place to pick up all that I (heart) NY paraphernalia.
After a successful afternoon of shopping we decided to grab a bite at Cinema: Brasserie. I had been here previously with Adam over the summer. Happily, this place came through again.

We all had a great time here. We ordered dim sum, edamame, and some delicious pizza. We had an awesome waitress who also tended the bar- she served up some of the best cosmos I have ever had. Sarah and Julie had Shirley Temples and a raspberry napoleon to complete their meal. This restaurant delivered everything you want in dining out- fun atmosphere, excellent food and drink, and a waitress that took everything to the next level.
The next morning, we started out by walking over to Rockefeller Center to scope out the Today Show. As luck would have it- Matt Lauer, Al Roker and Natalie Morales were outside. It was actually really fun to see them in person.

Say Cheese! We all shook hands with Al and Julie asked for a pic- cool, right?
We then made our way over to the subway and walked past Bryant Park. For all those Project Runway fans- this is the mecca of fashion week!
We had breakfast at Clinton St Baking Co in the East Village- this was after walking for miles and miles through Greenwich Village and SoHo. This restaurant has been voted one of the best places for brunch in all of Manhattan. Julie ordered their award winning pancakes.
Here is Sarah posing in front of what she considers the best form of art. It was an incredible bakery located in the West Village. She had a very hard time figuring out what to order! Or should I say, what NOT to order!
Central Park- we were so lucky to be in New York on a 60 degree day. It was beautiful to see the trees beginning to bloom. Yet, there were still ice skaters on the Wollman rink. I think Central Park is my favorite part of NYC- without question.
Finally, before we hopped back on the Amtrak- we went to Serendipity 3 for sundaes. These sundaes are enormous! Having just finished that sentence, I realized that it appears that our whole trip was centered around food! I must clarify- this girls trip was centered around shopping AND food! Now isn't that the perfect diet/cardio solution?!?! It was a great time!

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Hillary said...

NYC is the best! Looks like you gals had a ton of fun. The next time you're in the city, check out S'Mac. All macaroni and cheese, all the time. :-)