Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hi Again From Gav

Hi Everyone! It's Gavin. My mom is busy entertaining Grandma Fish, Aunt Sarah and Aunt Julie so she asked that I update her blog quickly. Afterall, not everyone gets to come see us so must keep them happy too! So, I'm going to tell you about my trip to the Saratoga Children's Museum. It's a cool house that was converted to a children's museum and has all kinds of different themes to play dress-up and make believe. You can pretend to work at a restaurant, a bank, a hospital, a firestation- it's really awesome and I don't get in trouble for touching things! Because it's JUST FOR KIDS!! YAHOO! Here are some pictures of me being tortured by my parents once again- they think I'm just a toy for their amusement. Good Grief!
Ok, yes- I look pretty studly sitting behind this big desk- but Mom- I do not want to be a bank executive!
And Dad- I don't think I want to go to medical school. I think it's too early for us to be having this talk!
Now we're talking! Firetrucks are awesome!

Ok, that's all guys! We're going to have a fun week with our visitors- we're going to the Boston Aquarium on Friday. We'll post all about it next week!



Dielle said...

He's the cutest thing ever! Love him in the fireman clothing!

Hillary said...

That desk picture is so precious. He's getting so big -- isn't it time to move back yet??!