Monday, April 27, 2009

Lake Placid and the Adirondacks

On Saturday morning we packed up the car and headed north to Lake Placid. We had an incredible afternoon with temperatures in the low 90s! Lake Placid had snow on Thursday! Because the snow is still melting, we were advised that hiking wouldn't be very enjoyable because of all the mud. So, we enjoyed the views from our car as we made our way through the Adirondacks.
The snow is melting quickly and there were tons of little water falls gliding down the rocks.
I can't remember where we were when we took this picture. I guess that can happen when you're up in the mountains. It was all gorgeous but it also all started to look the same!
We got to Lake Placid and had lunch at a little restaurant with outdoor seating. It seemed crazy to be lathering up the sunscreen when just a few weeks ago we were wearing winter coats!
Gavin is in a phase where he enjoys feeding us. He got a kick out of shoving french fries in Adam's mouth.
"What, so I have ketchup on my face- who cares?!?"
Gavin thought the lake was pretty cool. I personally enjoy how chunky Gav's tummy and legs look in these pics.
Side view- what a funny little guy!
Yes, he really is this sweet.
After walking around the village of Lake Placid, we headed a little further north to Ausible Chasm. It doesn't officially open for tours until the end of May but we got some good views from the bridge. I guess we'll have to repeat this outing later in the summer when everything is open and ready for hiking. It was still a really nice afternoon and we're so happy to be warm again.


MBbbfish said...

Beautiful!! So jealous of your 90 degrees... although 80ish is a little better... we are not even breaking 55 here lately. BUT it is sunny!!!! I crack up at Gavin's clothes. Love it!!! He and Brendan have such the same build.

Emily said...

I love Gav's Buddah Belly!

Anonymous said...


love jb

Dielle said...

Great pictures! Looks like you had a fabulous little trip!!