Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Boring Day in the Car: Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota

Tonight's post comes from Jamestown, ND at yet another Comfort Inn. We spent the majority of the day driving. We planned to drive all the way to Dickinson, ND but realized we needed a night to relax so we settled on Jamestown with a 7:30pm arrival. We had dinner and then spent the evening swimming at the pool. If you haven't tried La Cantera in Jamestown, ND, you're missing out and we suggest you make the trip. We don't have too much to show you photo-wise. It was a pretty mediocre day of road tripping.
We drove for several hours before finally coming across a cool park in Crosby, MN. It was a great find because it was right off the highway and was basically a playground mecca.

"Look, a doggy!"
 Gavin took this picture of Adam by a tank. Nice composition.
 Gavin with a big serpent (insert puns here).
 Meanwhile, the car ride was filled with amusement. Here, we were entertained by Olivia eating an apple. She was cracking us up with her little nibbles.
 Gavin amused us with random observations. Here he said something like, "This is a boring day. Right, mom? But it's still fun because we went to a park."
 Olivia, 137 bites and counting.
 Then she decided to color all over herself and her baby.  "Look, I colored on baby."
 The iPad was absolutely the best invention of the past decade.
Oh, look- some hay. Seriously, I would never survive living in Minnesota or North Dakota. Like this blog post, it was a serious yawn-fest today. If you're from North Dakota or Minnesota, I'm sorry. Not because I may have offended you, but because you're from there.
Anyhow, we're 1700 miles in and going strong. Dino museums and metal sculptures await us tomorrow. Jealous much?


Eileen said...

another day in paradise? glad you're making great strides--or tire rotations closer and closer to us!

Anonymous said...

Very insulting to those who live in those states- you missed a lot of the beauty in that area. I have been to one area of NY that I didn't care for but I wouldn't make a judgement of the whole state based on that experience.

Jenny said...

Hey now, don't take it so personally. I guess I could have been more specific- I would not want to live along any of the main highways of Minnesota or North Dakota. It is very dull to me. Also, you could tell me that all of New York sucked or Washington state and I would not care. We all like what we like, right?

Anonymous said...

I do appreciate that you responded-it isn't a matter necessarily that you don't care for that area- as you said "we like what we like" -but to say you feel sorry for people from those states- that is a bit harsh I think. Anyways, I guess we will agree to disagree. Hope the rest of your trip is safe.

Jenny said...

Yes, that comment about being from there was written by my husband. Just so you know, we are heading to Billings, MT, which is my birth place. I actually think that place sucks, too. But, I have an awesome uncle who lives there. We actually met a really great couple from St. Paul on our honeymoon many years ago. Anyhow, I am certainly sorry to have offended you or any of the other residents from ND or MN. (not to mention, I probably just ticked off part of the great state of Montana!) Thanks for checking out our blog!

Emily Adamson said...

I'm not sure what's more entertaining ... your post or your banter with Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous! Just remember, this is your blog, so you can write whatever you want. I love Olivia and her 197 bites it took to get to the center of her apple! And re: iPads, I guess this generation of kids do not get car sick. Maybe it's because they get to sit higher in their booster seats ... either way, they're lucky!

RADDAD said...

Glad you are tripping along through these states. Any drive this long can be tedious. Fun pictures. Love you guys