Friday, June 29, 2012

Wednesday's Road-tripping: North Dakota to Montana

I have missed a couple of nights of posting after some long travel days. On Wednesday morning, we woke up to find that Max is not feeling well. Sparing you details, his crate was vile. After getting everything cleaned up, we got on the road. We drove not 30 minutes before he got sick again. We had to stop at a gas station to hose everything out again. We were heading to the Dakota Dinosaur Museum in Dickinson. I decided to let Adam take the kids inside so I could stay out with Max and hope that some fresh air would do him some good. We're not sure what's going on with him. We have been traveling through a lot of different parks so he might have drank some bad water. He's also a very anxious dog so it could also be a combination of stress, traveling, and some bacteria. Eventually we made it to my uncle's house in Billings, MT. He has a fenced in backyard so that was a nice place to keep Max. We spent about 7 hours in the car on Wednesday. Here are the photos:
Gavin posed outside the Dakota Dinosaur Museum. According to Adam, two words for you on this one: Tourist Trap.
 The important thing is that the kids enjoyed it and really, that's all that mattered. After being so good in the car, they need some fun.
Unfortunately, Olivia wanted nothing to do with photo-ops with the dinos. What can you do?
After slamming on North Dakota's boring landscape in our previous post, (and getting in a little trouble for it, I might add) I must say that we were very impressed while driving through Painted Canyon in the Theodore Roosevelt National Park.
The kids were less impressed with Painted Canyon than we were. They spent the time outside of the car wrestling and goofing off. Again, happy is the goal and that was achieved.
We wrapped up the day at my Uncle Dave's house in Billings. It was so nice to see him and Denise. We walked over to a park near his house so the kids could play. Pioneer Park is actually a park that I lived by when I was a little girl. It looks different now, of course. But it was fun that the kids were able to play at the same park I played at when I was their age. Back at the house, Gavin and Olivia loved playing with Uncle Dave. It was a great evening of visiting on their back patio. We hope to get back to Montana next fall to go play in the national parks.

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Emily Adamson said...

Poor Max! I'm obviously getting caught up... glad you guys are in WA, even if all your belongings are still in Albany!