Friday, June 29, 2012

Thursday: Montana to Idaho and soon to be home!

When we started planning our trip across the country, we thought we'd stop to see Glacier National Park. After traveling with a sick dog for a day, we decided it was time to head straight to Washington and put an end to all the driving. We really enjoyed the scenic drive through the Rocky Mountains and logged another 8 hours in the car. We arrived in Coeur D'Alene around 6:30pm and had a nice dinner at a floating restaurant on the lake. We are getting ready to hop back into the car and head to Adam's parents' home in Cashmere, WA. So this concludes our cross country journey. I have some final thoughts about our time on the east coast, which I will write about next week. At that point, "deMars: Life on the East Coast" will come to an end. Hope you enjoyed the ride!


Michele said...

Yay! You are here!! I think you should do a blog called "Demars on the WEST Coast." :-)

Eileen said...

agree with michele!!! love reading what you have to say and all the pictures even though we text and chat and you send me lots of pictures!! so glad you're home

Emily Adamson said...

Ditto ... I hope a new West Coast blog will be born. Or Girl Has Thyme will include family adventures!