Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I blinked, and a month went by...

Olivia has been with us for a month already! Adam and I say to each other, almost nightly, "How in the world do we have 2 kids?!?" It's definitely been an adjustment but we're starting to settle into a routine. Gavin is completely secure with his role and has started to help me take care of Olivia. He tells her to quiet down and sticks her binkie in her mouth when she cries! He likes to list off all of our names when we say we're about to go somewhere, "go to the store with Gavin, Daddy, and Mama!" With a little coaxing, he has added "Livia" at the end.

Olivia is proving that she is not only physically strong, but also very emotionally strong willed. The girl is a bit high maintenance! She likes to be held- pretty much all of the time! Adam joked that it's no wonder she was a week late coming out, she might as well still be inside of me because she clings to me so much. I wouldn't mind so much if this wasn't the hottest summer I've ever experienced! The humidity has been relentless. We have had only a handful of cool days- and by cool, I'd take 75 or 80. It's not been ideal weather for snuggling a newborn.

Sleeping has been going ok. She is pretty fussy in the evenings and I'm not sure if it's a mild case of colic or if it's just how she rolls. Between the hours of 4pm and 9pm, she makes her presence very known. We're pretty much convinced that it's not Olivia that is difficult, but that we were super spoiled with Gavin. Once we get Liv swaddled up, she tends to sleep anywhere between 2 and 5 hours at a time and she even once blessed us with 6 straight hours. All things considered, can't really complain too much.

As requested, here are some baby pics- it's hard to narrow them down but I did my best.
Tummy Time
Sweet little duck
Cute little bunny
Hanging out in her fairy crib


Missy said...

You get 2 to 5 hours already! I'm jealous! Just know it could be worse... She is such a cutie pie!! I bet you're having so much fun. I LOVE the rooms. The lampshade, the fairies and most definitely Gavin's Babar posters! Great job with that.

Emily said...

She is so darling!!!