Thursday, August 19, 2010

Weekend trip to the Gold Coast of Connecticut

Last week, I found myself craving the beach. Upstate New York is beautiful but I sometimes feel a bit land-locked. Sure, we have the Hudson River and some very nice lakes, but after spending most my life in Seattle, I miss that salty air. I suggested to Adam that we take a day trip to the coast of Connecticut and he agreed but thought we should just stay the night. With a quick visit to, we had a reservation at the Marriott Hotel & Spa for just $60. I love that website and highly recommend it if you're looking for a hotel reservation. It's especially good for last minute bookings- I've used it four times and have always gotten nearly a 50% discount.

We left Albany on Saturday after Adam's morning round of golf and arrived in Connecticut around 3pm. We would have arrived sooner but little Gavin got carsick twice. That poor kid does not travel well by car. We have gotten used to it and pack plenty of clothes, towels, etc. As I said to Adam, what are our choices, deal with a puking kid or not go anywhere? My will to travel is strong enough to handle a little vomit! It just takes us a little longer to arrive at our destination. 

We visited the area of Fairfield County in Connecticut. They call it the "gold coast" of Connecticut because of its very wealthy population. We stayed in Stamford, which is the most urban area in the county, about five miles from Greenwich. Greenwich is where many celebrities and socialites own homes, including the Giffords, Ron Howard, Mel Gibson, and many others. Yet, we didn't have any celebrity sightings while we were there. Adam was especially disappointed! We enjoyed driving through the neighborhoods and seeing the beautiful homes. Greenwich is a very cool town, low-key but has a swanky vibe. As much as I would have loved to sit outside at a bistro with a glass of wine, we had two little sidekicks with us and chose to spend our time at the beach.

After driving through town, we stumbled upon Greenwich Point Park. We got to the gate and were told that we needed to go to the civic center that sells one-day passes. So we had to drive back into town, find this little shack outside the civic center to purchase a pass. Apparently, Connecticut isn't the most welcoming bunch when it comes to visiting their parks. We were laughing at how stupid this seemed all the way back to the park. I mean, really, can't they just take our money at the gate? They seriously have someone work at the gate and turn people away? But, according to some blogs and websites I've read, they really don't want tourists. They don't need the revenue in swanky Fairfield County! But, I tell you what, this is one beautiful park! It's right on the Long Island Sound and looks across at the Manhattan skyline. There is a rocky beach with lots of trails for walking, biking, and running. We spent a good hour watching Gavin throw rocks and then drove to the other side of the park where there is a really nice sandy beach. We spent some time walking in the water and playing in the sand. It was so relaxing and a great trip with our kids.

We have now visited all of the New England states. We have seen a lot and there is still much to explore. I feel lucky to be able to take these mini-vacations on a whim. I'll admit, travel is different with two small children, but we really have a good time! Here are some pics!
Adam, Gav, and Olivia, looking for the best skipping rocks in Norwalk, CT
This little guy would rather throw rocks than pose for a pic with his mama, so I had to scoop him up!
My sweet girl
Gavin and his absolute favorite past-time
My two favorite guys at Greenwich Point Park


Eileen said...

great post! absolutely love the pictures--hadn't seen a couple of them. thanks for sharing

Michele said...

I just love how you write and describe things. Makes us feel like we are there with you. Fun times!!

Emily said...

What a great trip - you guys are doing the coolest things over there! And I'm so impressed you don't let Gav and Liv slow you down!